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13 August 2009 @ 04:02 pm
[FANS] 090811 2009 AVC Summer Community Service Camp, 'A Very Special Gift'  
Hey guys, I thought what with all the depressing news coming out these days, everyone might like a little pick-me-up smile.gif
I'm sure you've all heard of some of the many community service project TVXQ fan clubs do under the name of TVXQ or Cassiopeia, and here's a recent one.
Enjoy biggrin.gif

It's very confusing and iffy these days.
But that doesn't mean 'angel Cassies' should stop what they do best!!
Here is the review for our AVC Summer Community Service Camp!

Our staff came early~
They put up signs for AVC from Bojong Station to the place we were meeting, so that people would be able to find the place easily.
Good job Da-Eun and Byulhee!!^^

We stood in a line and everyone received a t-shirt, name tags, kimbap and water!!
There were a lot of people from outside of Seoul, so we thought we would be delayed a lot.
But everyone was very organized so we were so thankful!!

Before we set off, we divided into two groups and took group pictures~!
Ah~~ We all wore our Soul Mate t-shirts when we took the picture.
We blurred some of the faces of people who wanted it, including myself^^
Do we look excited~?

The AVC Cassies are listening very carefully to what the pastor has to say^^

During the sermon, we played the "I Love You" fame.
When we had to say 'Cassies' "Love" 'TVXQ',
everyone said it as loud as they would have said it at a concert!

We had a speed quiz on the sermon to 'evade dish washing'~!!
I don't know if it was because Team 1 and Team 2 didn't want to do the dishes,
but they all tried very hard!!!^^

Then we had the 'Cassiopeia Golden Bell Challenge'
To tell you the truth, I was very surprised. When I was picking questions early in the morning,
I thought, 'Are these too easy?' but a lot of people got the first couple of questions wrong.. ㅠㅠ

We finally met with the House of Hope family!!
We greeted each other and introduced ourselves~~

Do you see the banner in the back?^^
2009 the first Summer Community Service Camp
A Very Special Gift ^^

Dinner time Camp fire!!
The heat doesn't seem to die down!!

Great job you guys^^

Although we could not eat in a large area,
it was so nice to see the Cassies give up their seats so that the blind people could sit. ^^

We divided into two teams for the community service
And we went to the House of Love for the elderly suffering from Alzheimer's and the House of Hope for blind people^^
First, the House of Love~

Our AVC Angel Cassies talk with the grandpa as if they were his granddaughters!!
He got mad during their time together, but then he apologized
and I was touched by the Cassies who were close to tears because they were sorry.^^

Crazy potato peeling went on so that we could cook them a nice meal ^^

This grandma spoke so well and was really nice to us!!!
When we were leaving, she dragged her bad knee and saw us off even though her legs were giving her pain.
She said to us 'Bye~ Come again soon!!'

We took a picture with the grandma with the best skin in the world~ She looked so young!

This grandma said the Cassies were so sweet and nice and said she wanted to brag about us to her grandsons
and asked us for some pictures of ourselves!!
I plan on going to the House of Love again this week, and I'll be sure to give her the pictures^^
Isn't here 'v' so cute? ^^

They told us this grandpa doesn't usually talk a lot.
But he tried really hard to have a nice conversation with us.
I think he thought of us as his granddaughters ^^

They are preparing a snack in the 'House of Hope'!!
Unfortunately, Seulgi and I, who were in charge of pictures, were both in the House of Love
so we couldn't take a lot of pictures of them working hard, but we heard they worked very hard ^^

We had time to talk with the House of Hope family!!
Everyone said nice things to us and told us many special stories
so everyone was smiling during this time!!!

The couple took us in and treated us warmly. They told us alot of the problems they see in society and told us things that interest them.

Our chatter doesn't seem to end?^^

Lastly, we wrote our feelings on a banner!!
Everyone wrote such nice things!!

Everyone who came were all Angel Cassies!!
I saw some people hiding their tears in the House of Love!
One of the grandmas carefully circled the day we visited on her calendar
and prayed to 'thank God for bringing such precious daughters.'
Even though her leg hurt, she came out to say goodbye and waved until the bus was out of sight.
The House of Hope family also didn't want us to leave and got us to promise that we would return.
What was really amazing was that when the House of Hope family saw us, they said,
"Is TVXQ okay? There's been a lot of talk..." and they seemed concerned.
We were really surprised!! We were very thankful.

Even though we heard that the SM Concert was postponed during our summer camp. everyone worked hard till the end!!

Let's all become Angel Cassies!^^
Always Keep the Faith

Source: [Daum Star Zone]
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